Chinese Ofo bike

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Another Chinese company, Mobike, which offers a similar bicycle service, continues to operate in several cities in Israel.

Ofo said it has decided to stop operating in Israel, as well as in other Middle Eastern countries, in order to focus on other regions of the world.

The company currently operates 4000 bikes throughout the city of Ramat-Gan and 400 bikes on the campus of Bar-Ilan University, both located in the center of Israel.

Ofo intends to donate its bikes in Israel to various charity organizations.

JERUSALEM, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Ofo, Chinese station-free bike sharing company, announced Sunday that it will stop operating in Israel at the end of July, just five months after it entered the country.

Two weeks ago, Ofo stopped working at the Israeli Weizmann Institute of Science, after many users took the bicycle out of the institute to their homes.